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Jan. 14

2B//3B–Students took a quiz over rhetoric terms. We started reading “Ain’t I A Woman?” by Sojourner Truth and analyzed the claims within the speech. Sojourner Truth day 1 4B–Students were in the library being trained to use the research databases effectively.

Jan. 10

I will not be at school today. However, students are asked to complete meaningful work that will be graded. Please, see attachments for assignments. 2/3 B: ethos-pathos-logos-definitions-and-worksheet 4B: Why Teaching About Social Justice Matters

Jan. 8

2B and 3B– Today we started discussing argumentative writing and rhetoric. Students completed a gallery walk to record definitions of different types of rhetoric and matched examples with terms. Rhetorical Devices Gallery Walk Rhetorical Devices & Appeals Notes Matching Rhetorical Devices